Friday, September 14, 2012

Calc. (English version) Lyrics+Chords

I really love this song *shots*
I dunno who translate it to English
but I once heard Utaite Nano Piano Version of this song and she sounds awesome^^

歌・英訳:まど@実写リロ 作詞・作曲:ジミーサムP

Tuning: eBGDAE

     B                 F#/Bb                C#          Ebm
When we grow apart, it's   destiny It's just  how it was  supposed to be
     B                F#/Bb           C#                        F#
But I know that I'm not  strong enough  to accept that so easily
         B                       F#/Bb
Each and  every single answer that  comes my way
           C#                      Ebm
Are sold at  too high a price for me  to pay
    B            F#/Bb                Ebm               C#
They rob me of the  courage to leave it  all and move on

             B     F#/Bb     Abm           Ebm
The song that I once  sang and  gave to you
              B  F#/Bb             C#                    Ebm
Its now just a sad  love song, over  played a time or two
       B        F#/Bb     Abm           F#
Let the wind flow   in and  blow it away
            B         F#/Bb                C#                     Ebm
Back to that time, that   summer day when I  fell in love with you

            B                    F#/Bb
When we draw near each other, its   destiny too
           C#                  Ebm
the way its  suppose to unfold,  through and through
          Abm                    F#/Bb                  Abm
If I could  convince myself it was  meant to be, maybe I  wouldn't
feel so alone
        B                       F#/Bb
Each and every single answer that  comes my way
            C#                Ebm
Have way too  many hypocrisies   to say
    Abm                    F#/Bb               B         C#
They   erase the path that I   need to take to the other  side

            Ebm     Bbm        B    C#  F#
The song that  I once  sang and gave  to  you
      F#/E#      Ebm   Bbm              B        C#       F#
Is now     just a   sad  love song, over played a  time or two
F#/E#     Ebm        Bbm     B       C#    F#
   Let the  wind flow  in and blow it  away
    F#/E#      Ebm
Back     to that  time,
   Bbm                 B       C#         F#
that  summer day when I fell in  love with  you

Do this on a Mild Strum:

      B        F#/Bb          Abm              F#
If the past and    future both   decided to dis-  appear
      B         F#/Bb          Abm       C# F#
Do you think that   then I'd be   finally    free
          B       F#/Bb          C#       Dm       Ebm
If I could pick one   emotion to  do away   with at   last
    B         F#/Bb                      C#
If I picked my    love for you would I be  able to go back

Do this on a Strong Strum:

          C#       Cm          Bbm             Ab
If I could  one day  hear every   song that you  heard
             C#          Cm                            D#               Fm
Breathe every - thing you  breathed, feel everything you  felt
          C#       G                 Eb          C   Fm
If I could  be your  eyes and see the  world like you  did
          Bbm       Cm        Eb
Then maybe   I could  love you
the way I've always wanted to



  1. This Favorit Song , this verry beautiful song I Love It

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  3. this song was very beautiful, even my silent type twin sister hum and sing along with the music, while reading manga

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