Project Sacredroid or simply Sacred Uchida is my first Utauloid creation
using the AUDACITY x UTAU programe, released last April 2012.
I made several songs cover (see my Youtube Account) Apparently I
stop updating the Voice Bank because of some technicalities
*yeah that sucks* but the Version 1.00 is still out and functioning very well.
Download link below.

Name: Sacred Uchida
Japanese Name : 内田神聖 - ちださくれど
Allias: Sakuredo, Saku, Es Yu (S.U.)
Name Interpretation: Sacred (神聖) Shinsei meaning "divine, holy"
Uchida meaning "within rice field" (内田) 
Model: SDSU-001
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Affiliation: Project Sacredroid
Voice Provider: koro
VB Type: CV Voicebank

Downloadable:  Voice Bank

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